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  • Where Is It Still Appropriate To Dress To The Nines?
    Where Is It Still Appropriate To Dress To The Nines?

    As we’ve noted regarding “Ways Pandemic Transformed Fashion Trends”, we’ve seen a distinct rise in activewear, loungewear, casual wear and the like. The pandemic “has made everything go down to casuals,” as we wrote, and has led people to prioritize comfort over formality. We know that fashion moves in cycles and trends, and that at some point more formal and “business casual” attire will be in again. For the time being though, casual, lounge, and activewear appear to be the new normal for day-to-day fashion. Indeed, even before the pandemic, Americans surveyed about fashion suggested they’d surrender as much as $5,000 from paychecks to dress more casually. This indicates that the changes we saw during the pandemic were overdue, and are likely to stick around for a while. Generally speaking, this is cause for relief; we like to be comfortable! At the same time though, the change begs the question: Where is it still okay to dress up when you want to? Even if casual attire is appealing on a day-to-day basis, many of us still like to get a bit fancy now and then. And while there seem…