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  • How to take care of different hair types?
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    How to take care of different hair types?
    Hair Care

    It has rightly been said that the first impression is the last. The person's hair is that very feature that people immediately notice when they met them. Hence, it is time to pay some much-needed special attention to your hair. It would help if you had different hair care routines based on your hair type. Be it curly hair, straight hair, black hair, or wavy hair; we have got you all covered. Hair type in layman's language refers to the shape of an individual's hair. Hair consists of two structures: the hair strands itself or the hair shaft and the hair follicle. Also, the shape of the hair follicle is capable of determining the condition of the hair. Let's take curly hair, for example. Curly hair always has an S-shaped hair follicle. Hair shape can also be described as the amount or degree of curliness of hair. Now let's dive into the different hair structures as classified by the researchers. Researchers use hair shapes or structures to put them into different categories. Some examples of hair are stick straight, straight,…