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  • Preventing and Treating Common Skin Problems
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    Preventing and Treating Common Skin Problems
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    There sure are many of us who are hiding spider veins with long pants or concealing old scars with cosmetics. However, we can swear on this that we all at least have one skin-related problem that we'd prefer to conceal. According to the AAD, those who have skin diseases are prone to have more than one at a time; as one's age increases, so does the years of sun exposure, making our skin vulnerable to germs and viruses that might lead to skin diseases. Many of us feel concerned about the issues we might have in our bodies even though they might not need prescriptions but aggravating concerns like cellulite, stretch marks, dark circles, spider veins, and age spots somehow attract our attention. We are not just concerned but also spend huge amounts of time and money trying to get rid of them, which is found out through surveys.  Each year billions of dollars are spent on cosmetic surgeries, Botox, etc., and hefty amounts are spent on skin products. Most of these common skin problems that we encounter are at…