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Tattoo Healing 101: How Long It Takes And What To Expect
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Tattoo Healing 101: How Long It Takes And What To Expect
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Got a Tattoo and didn’t know the after process and the healing procedure. Then this is the right article for you. 

About Tattoo Healing

A tattoo is a modification on your body made by using a needle filled with ink, dyes, or pigments into the dermis, the upper layer of your skin, to give it a design-like shape. The art of tattoo design is tattooing; it is a way of expressing ideologies and beliefs. People consider it a symbol of freedom of speech, individuality, and traditions.

People choose various designs and get them into their skin irrespective of shape and size to showcase their unspoken aspects of relationships and thoughts. It is an art form called body art that takes various shapes and expands all over the world authentically.

Tattoo artists use a needle filled with colored and non-colored pigments and ink. And using a needle, draw various designs on the upper layer of skin, which is like a small wound as some needle is inserted into your skin. Hence, it has its separate tattoo healing process of different stages.

Today we will discuss the procedure of tattoo healing in detail, as most people are not aware of the healing process they go through after getting a tattoo, which is crucial to avoid any skin damage and issues.

Things to know about Tattoo Healing Process

Tattoo Healing is a process having three different stages right after you finish getting a tattoo. Let’s discuss the stages in detail below.

Day 1 – Day 3

A tattoo is like an open wound when you get it done, and you need to deal with it carefully. It gets infected if it is not taken care of. Right after you get a tattoo, it might bleed and swell and become red as the skin becomes sensitive. Due to the insertion of the needle, you will feel soreness and see some ink leaking during the process, which is normal to have; however, to avoid any infection, experts suggest using unscented lotion and soap to clean it a few times a day. Avoid using a cloth to clean as it might get stuck and cause you irritation and uneasiness while removing it; experts recommend using loose clothing so that it does not stick in your tattoo area.

Day 4 – Day 12

During this period, you will see that some part of the Tattoo starts to dry out, and while it flakes, you do not peel it out, scratch, or pick; just let it be and make sure to apply moisturizer to the area lightly. It will also cause itching during this process as the ink is drying and starts to scab. It is a crucial stage in the tattoo healing process, and it takes a week to stop flaking completely. Experts suggest using Aquaphor as an ointment to avoid dry, itchy skin and minor skin irritations. You will see less dry and flaking skin at the end of this week.

Day 12 – Day 30

It is when your skin goes through an invisible recovery process that happens internally. After the skin stops flaking, the Tattoo may remain dull and dark until one month after you get a tattoo. After you complete one month, it might take its vibrant color during this time. After the Tattoo has healed, it may take 3 to 6 months for skin recovery underneath the Tattoo.

Frequently searched questions about the Tattoo Healing process

How painful is It to get Tattoo?

It depends from person to person. If you can bear the pain of cat scratches and sunburn, you might be able to sustain this pain. Although it is not an unbearable pain one can go through it.

How long does it take to heal a tattoo?

Again, it depends on person-to-person skin type, but generally, it takes one month to two months, not more than that, but getting the tattoo color may take two to three months. Also if you have sensitive skin you might need more time to heal.

How deep the tattoo needle goes?

It goes through five sub-layers of the epidermis, which covers 1/16th inch of your skin. Hence, make sure that your tattoo artist uses a clean needle to avoid skin issues.

Is it safe to get a tattoo?

People have different skin textures, and some are allergic to pigments and ink used in tattoo needles. Check with the expert before getting a tattoo if you have any skin issues as the needle goes through the five layers of your skin.

How long is the tattoo healing process?

It depends, but it takes almost six months to get a tattoo color. In three months max, the healing process is completed; however, getting dark tattoo color will take three months more. Hence, we can say altogether it takes six months for tattoo healing.

Why cannot we donate blood after getting a tattoo?

The unclean needle can cause various issues like hepatitis, and it carries different skin viruses like a bloodborne virus. It can be dangerous to donate blood, but you can always talk to your consultant before donating it.


People have used tattoos since ancient times. During old times, people used to showcase their cast identity as jewellery, but it has become more like a symbol of one’s identity as time passed. Believes and freedom. You can see it as body art representing your culture in different aspects with variations.

People often get scared before getting a tattoo, questioning how much pain it would cause? What if it does not heal on time? Etc. What I suggest is that before going for tattooing, you consider all pros and cons.

However, in this article, we have shared all the necessary facts one must know about the tattoo healing process, as this is the most crucial stage after you get a tattoo. I hope these facts help you, and please do comment if you have questions and share with us how your tattoo healing journey was?

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