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Techniques for a long-lasting Makeup on Oily skin
Oily skin
Techniques for a long-lasting Makeup on Oily skin
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When we talk of oily skin, what would be the first thing that crosses our minds? Is the skin greasy in appearance? On the contrary, oily skin, as often as it may seem to be a curse, indicates that the skin is secreting a healthy amount of sebum. Excess sebum decreases dry spots and irritated skin over time, and new research suggests that oily skin is less vulnerable to wrinkles. However, don’t begin flaunting just yet because it has a few drawbacks in makeup, such as choosing the best cosmetic items and making the makeup last the whole day on oily skin. Oily skin dissolves makeup more quickly, leaving you with a gleaming, nearly nude face by the afternoon. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t wear makeup; it’s just a matter of figuring out what fits best for you.

Ways for Makeup to Last Longer on Oily Skin

Cleansing and moisturizing 

The trick to having long-lasting makeup is to start with clean and moisturized skin. At least two times a day, use a high-quality cleanser to eliminate extra sebum. This would prevent your makeup from trapping oil in your face or mixing with it. From within, your moisturizer can hydrate your face. Search for products that contain the humectant hyaluronic acid (It helps avoid moisture loss by drawing water through your skin). One’s oil glands are far less prone to go into hyperdrive while your skin is moisturized.

First and foremost, prepare your skin

Priming can be a routine for anyone with oily skin. When applied to oily skin, a beauty primer extends the life of your makeup—Prime the T-Zone, jaw, and nose, which are the oiliest parts of your face. Make sure the primer is oil-free and non-shiny. Before applying it, make sure the skin is washed, and use it as a base before applying cream, foundation, and perhaps other cosmetics.

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Before applying foundation, use a setting powder

When we’ve finished our makeup, we typically use a transparent setting powder. For oily skin, we’ll add the powder before a foundation. The setting powder should be used upon priming but before applying the foundation to extract any extra oils further. In addition, it will give your makeup more to hold to during the day, keeping your skin matte and put together.

Invest in foundations that will last a long time

Long-wear foundations have ingredients and formulas that allow makeup to last longer on oily skin. Often, since your skin still produces much oil, make sure the base is oil-free. If you don’t want to appear cakey, don’t use thick layers of makeup. Instead, only use a base brush to apply light coats and add more if you need more coverage or have trouble spots.

How to Prime Your Eyelids Properly?

It’s most definitely your concealer that’s causing your eye shadow to crease. Concealer is used by the majority of people who have dark circles or redness. However, on oily skin, concealers boost the likelihood of your eye shadow creasing. Alternatively, use an eyelid primer that helps absorb crease-causing oils while also providing a flawless foundation for your eyeshadow and eyeliner.

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 Always have blotting papers handy

It can be quite a confidence builder to leave the house with a perfectly done flawless makeup look. Nevertheless, if you don’t know how to make oily skin makeup stay, you’ll most likely be spot bright by midday. Blotting papers can help lift oil off the skin when used appropriately, and some are made to deposit a small amount of powder to absorb excess oil. To stop removing any makeup, hold the paper where you are shiny and kindly roll it off the skin.

Stay away from glossy lipsticks

Using a shiny, glossy lip color will make the skin look oilier than it is. If you have dry eyes, stick to matte lipsticks or use powder after applying your lipstick. If you’d like a glossy result, apply gloss to the middle of your lower and upper lip.

Slay the Rosy Blush 

Often use a powdered blush on oily skin to create a rosy hue that stays the whole day. Avoid using a creme or stick blush. A cream blush will make the skin oilier on oily skin, while a stick blush will just not fit in well. Also, it may not last long.

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Remember to use a setting spray

Setting sprays are an essential component in making makeup stay on oily skin since they provide extra support to help the makeup remain in place for a long time. Spray after applying your makeup, and keeping a travel-size setting spray in the bag is always a good idea if you got a long day ahead of you.

Remove your makeup as soon as possible

Makeup tends to boost oil production on the face, which is the very last thing one desires. So, once you get home, the first and only thing you should do with your face is to wash any traces of makeup as soon as possible. After that, use a skin cleanser. This would discourage breakouts and the oiliness from getting worse. Most notably, never wear lipstick to bed.

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