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This Fall, Flaunt These Hairstyles
This Fall, Flaunt These Hairstyles
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Fall means you can finally let your hair down and shine, and what is a better way to start than a new look?

Rocking in Retro:

In the fall, that style will explode in the fashion world. The Old Hollywood-style waves are worth trying with some hair accessories. Start by blowing the hair with a deep side part, then use a setting spray on each section. Use a 3/4 curling iron wrap hair while twisting it around. This will give you the slight shape of the S-wave, which makes it feel more retro. Pin down your wave indent with flat clips to further accentuate them. Finally, brush out the style and tease if necessary, finish it off with Hairspray for brilliance.

Twisted Bun:

You can make the basic bun look not so basic with a little effort and creativity. These buns typically get tonnes of attention. Use a bungee elastic to secure the ponytail in place. Use Hair Oil at your tail for added shine. Grab and twist hair sections onto themselves, and connect them with hairpins. To keep hair in place, use a strong hold hairspray.

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Blunt Bob:

The best and fiercest hairstyle to make a post-summer and pre-fall statement. Also, it feels terrific to get off your head all those summer dead ends. Appoint a reliable hairstylist on what length of the bob will work best for your hair texture and facial structure. Again, keep in mind that going shorter doesn’t immediately imply more maintenance. It should actually mean less work and effort. Bobs have now become one of the most versatile styles with the resurgence of hair accessories.

Crimped Hair:

Whoever said that Crimps would never return was so wrong! A big hit on the runways, it’s editorial, artsy, and cheerful look. The professional hairstylists suggest you use a crimper — and take the iron for a second into one-inch hair sections, then work your way down. There is also a tool-free way to do this: Three-strand braids can be created across your head and ironed flatly. You will see a softer crimped wave once it’s removed. End with a spray.

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Low Ponytail:

It is undoubtedly the most sophisticated hairstyle. Have fun with it by keeping it sleek or by creating a textured, fluffy tail. Product styling is key — Blowout Lotion to soft the roots and then blow them back with a broad round brush. Collect your hair about half an inch above the hairline of your neck and create a pony. Use a bungee elastic with hooks on the ends if you have super thick hair. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the elastic and secure it with a pin.

Giant Volume:

This texture says volumes and works the best with extensions to give you the extra lift for which you prayed. A spray that texturizes is your best friend. Use it after blowing your hair from mid-shaft to ends while flipping over. Sprinkle Dry Volume Spray on your roots once you flip it back, and then blow up like a balloon.

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