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This is how you can build a skincare routine
skincare routine
This is how you can build a skincare routine
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Men’s skincare routine is something less talked about anyway. When it comes to the same, ensure that it is kept simple. Before using any product, try exploring various options available rather than sticking with one product you use forever and beyond. All you need to do is absolute minimum as efforts to preserve and nourish your skin. This needs to be done because, as simple as embracing a new product because it attracts your eye or promises certain outcomes, you’re most likely spending on something unnecessary. 

Skincare is something that everyone should follow; this does not only help you with good skin but can even repair the damage done by the sun or the recently appearing wrinkles, fine lines etc. One shouldn’t at any point feel that this skincare routine is just for the elites who spend a high amount of money on the same. It is affordable, and once you make the right choices, you can even get yourself to follow it.

Building a skincare routine

When it comes to a skincare routine, there are products that you can always skip, but at the same time, there are certain products that, if you do not use, can prove to be a sin. Even if you use the basic products, it covers almost 95 percent of what your skin truly needs. If you are looking forward to a routine, then you might want to follow these five steps:

Step 1: Wash Face

You must wash your face at least twice a day with a cleanser or face wash that is gentle on your skin. Using a harsh face wash can lead you to lose the essential oil that your face has. Also, the type of cleanser that is appropriate for you depends upon the type of skin you have so, choose wisely.

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Step 2: Moisturize

Moisturising your skin is one of the most important steps in a skincare routine. Although there is a wide variety of moisturizers to choose from, you can go for the basic ones; you can consult your dermatologist for the same. Undoubtedly, there are various luxurious brands’ moisturizers that you are prone to get tempted by, but they are likely to work like any other moisturizer. You can find them at any general store or a pharma shop.

Step 3: Sunscreen Application

Never, ever go out without sunscreen. As your skin is young, you might not understand its benefits, but you would learn how important it is as soon as you start to age. Application of sunscreen is mandatory outside the house and even when you are within the four walls. 

Step 4: Rewind with Retinol

If you aim to get glowing skin and search for it in an anti-aging product, then retinol might be the correct choice for you. Retinols can be availed from any pharmaceutical, either through prescription or even over the counter. Anyway, you need to always be wise while using it; check the quantities and the frequency of application.

Step 5: Antioxidant Serum in your routine

These serums work wonders. They go deep inside your skin and nourishes your skin by getting rid of any form of dryness. This can be made a quality addition to your skincare routine club.

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Since dermatologists give all this advice, there are more to it; certain suggestions that a dermatologist would give you if you visit him or her. These include the following:

1. Toner is just extra

There are always certain products that do not cause any harm even if you stop using them. This category includes toner. You might want to get rid of it from your regimen, and you would not notice any difference caused to your skin.

2. Do not spend a lot on moisturizers

Most moisturizers work in the same way and provide the same treatment to your skin. To avoid overspending on moisturizers. Instead, try spending on antioxidants and retinol as these are the real game-changing products in a skincare routine. The different company provides a different quality of the product in these two categories. Therefore, take this pro tip from us and manage both your skin and money wisely.

3. Layer in ascending order

So, if you are following a skincare routine, the application of the products should be done based on the level of thickness of the product. The light one should b applied first, and the heavier one should go on the top unless you’re using a medicated product that can or needs to be directly applied on the skin.

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4. Do not over-cleanse

Some people believe that if you get rid of all the oil on your face, then your face is considered “clean.” However, that is not the case. If you end up using harsh products on your face too deep, cleanse your face and get rid of the extra oil, it would cause your face harm and won’t do any good. So restrain from being excessively harsh on your face when it comes to cleaning in it. 

5. Sunscreen is a necessity

Sunscreen is essential for the screen. It prevents one from many diseases, and if you do not put it now, you might have to regret it in the future. So take suggestions from the wise and put on sunscreen to prevent any damage that might be caused due to sun exposure. When this is said, it does not necessarily mean to apply when you are outside on a beach, put it on no matter where you go; if you are working next to a window with sunlight, then apply it, outside for grocery shopping, put it on, and definitely when you are out there to chill by a poolside. Make sunscreen a compulsion to your skin regimen so that you get flawless skin. 

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