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This is why everybody is talking about lash lift
lash lift
This is why everybody is talking about lash lift
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Who does not want thick and incredibly curled natural eyelashes? Almost everyone here, which is why lash lifts and tints are currently one of the most popular beauty trends. Aren’t we jealous of those boys who have amazing full eyelashes but not us? Eyes itself is a way to determine beauty, and if, along with it, you have that gorgeous eyelash, could anything else look more beautiful? You should know that four of the top five beauty queries on Google in was about making your eyes pop, with “what is a lash lift” coming in second place after “how to apply magnetic lashes.” “How to remove individual eyelashes,” “what hair color looks best on me,” and “how to do cat eye” were the third, fourth, and fifth respectively the most popular beauty searches in 2018. If there’s a lot of gossip about the same, we should know that there a reason for a good cause; it is obvious now why the lash lifts are causing quite a stir. This process not only requires less work, but it also lasts longer than the regular eyelash extensions that most of us use and has fewer potential adverse effects. If you don’t intend to use mascara every day, you may also personalize your results by changing the curl form or adding a color.

Various celebrity makeup artists have also been speaking in support of these lash lifts and using their social media handles like instagram for showing off the effects of the lash lift and tint. All of this is assisting the trend is gaining momentum in mainstream beauty. If you’re thinking about getting lash lifts, here’s everything you need to know. Here in this article, we will answer everything related to the lash lift, the price, side effects, procedures and the other alternatives for the lash lift and tint. So, let’s delve into it.

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  • So, lash lift is a semi-permanent procedure. In this process, a lift is essentially given to your lashes which ends up into a decent curl; the mechanical curler used gives the lashes a lovely contour upward and a realistic curl. In case you’re going on a vacay, this is what you might want to get done, and you can even add color to your lashes if you feel like making your eyelashes look more dramatic and curve.
  • The procedure for lifting your lashes begins with a consultation with your expert. Once the individual has decided what they expect from this procedure, the steps take place. The doctor divides your lower and top lashes before applying a silicone patch to your upper lid. Next, they’ll glue your lashes to the pad and begin shaping your lashes into a fuller curl. They also use three different lotions with the appropriate chemicals; the total treatment takes 30 minutes to an hour.
  • So the period till which you can expect the lift your lashes just got to last is for something between 8 and 12 weeks. You should know the time varies from person to person as it is completely determined by how rapidly your natural lashes grow and renew, as well as how well you care for your eyelashes. You can slow down the process of getting back to normal by using eyelash growth serums to extend the benefits, but you should know that this procedure is not designed to be permanent.

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  • The expenses one incurs in getting this lash lift is also something that holds significance. We can’t tell you the exact amount since it completely varies based on your region and the doctor’s competence involved in the procedure, but clients should expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $150.
  • It is a known observation that anything that makes us happy has some consequence attached to itself, and so do lash lifts, as it might have a negative side effect. In addition, there is a strong and obvious probability of dangers associated as an allergic response if you use a chemical to paint the lashes.
  • Although many experts have not seen anything like that related to the experiences with keratin lash lifts, the people getting it should take extra care of the chemicals they are applying in the eye region.
  • If you are scared of the thought of putting some keratin chemicals on your eyelashes, then don’t worry because there are other alternatives too.
  • There are several growth serums in the market that you can use. These serums in the market promise to help your natural eyelashes grow longer, stronger, and denser than before. It ensures this by targeting all three stages of the hair-growing cycle. However, not everyone can see the greatest results in context to the eyelash and the growth serums, so you might want to research potential negative effects before using it.

You can also consider using other traditional ways like eyelash extensions; again, these can have harmful effects and only last two to three weeks. Other than these, you can use mascara, the most simple way, but it is not permanent and full of chemicals. Make the right choice before you get started.

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We hope this article was of good help and helped you understand everything in great detail. Also, embrace what you naturally have until it is not very much necessary. We should know that everything that attracts us has an impact attached to itself, so before you decide to do anything, do your research beforehand so that there is no loophole left that would later make you regret your decision. Also, don’t let the beauty standards affect who you are because in the end, your smile is what matters and if you want something to get done, do it for your own sake and not someone else’s.

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