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Ways Pandemic Transformed Fashion Trends!
Ways Pandemic Transformed Fashion Trends!
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The pandemic has impacted each and every aspect of human life, from the style of living to shopping, meeting, eating, wearing trends, etc., all have changed. Pandemic has transformed our lives in various ways. Some for good and some for bad; however, the new normal is what everyone has finally accepted, and they are changing their lives to adjust to it.

Covid has got everyone locked up in their homes, even for official meetings, work, or leisure outings. People have managed to carry out all these activities within their homes and some even on their beds! This has definitely impacted fashion trends as well. People have shifted their preference from formal and business clothing for official meetups and fancy dresses for outings to casual outfits and comfy clothes.

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Let’s see what fashion trends have become popular during the pandemic and are planning to stick for long:

1. Face masks:

The major fashion transformation that has occurred in this pandemic is the covering of the nose and mouth. This pandemic has forced people not to leave their houses without a face mask on. It was very difficult to adopt it in the starting days, but soon it became a fashion trend that everyone liked. Masks have now become more of a fashion trend than a necessity. Matching masks with all sorts of dresses have now become a norm. Many different types of face masks have been designed by designers and local brands to promote safety against Covid’19, and now it has become a fashion trend. With every other dress you purchase, you will get a matching mask to go with it.

2. Activewear:

Pandemic had closed doors to all gyms and workout places. Athletes, trainers, health-conscious people, and everyone else looking forward to joining a gym were lost in the pandemic, but the lost people found a way thanks to the virtual platform. Virtual workout classes gave birth to small gyms at home; this meant spending considerable time in activewear. These online workout sessions have started a new fashion trend, which is the use of activewear for normal wear. A huge increase in activewear sales was also observed over the year, indicating that activewear is now preferred as normal wear.

3. Loungewear:

The majority of the people were locked up in their homes for over a year. This meant that they were least concerned about dressing up or styling up for their everyday routine. Most of the day was spent wearing loungewear that are comfy and looking fashionable. Wearing loungewear for entire days have made people more comfortable in loungewear almost at all time even when the restrictions have been eased down.

You can now find many people styling loungewear for their shopping spree or even a casual dinner out. A plus-size leather jacket over the loungewear had become a fashion trend for the winters. People prefer to go for loungewear every day because they are super soft, and comfortable and you can style them up or down as per the occasion.

4. Casual wears:

This pandemic has made everything go down to casuals. Dressing up is no longer trending. With offices and businesses being set up and run from home, classes being taken from the comfort of home, and shopping is done while lying on bed have transformed dressing trends to more casual. Dress shirts have been replaced with polos and round necks, whereas pants have been ditched for shorts. People have become more accustomed to doing everyday tasks in their usual casual dresses instead of dressing differently for different occasions.

This new fashion trend has made life much simpler and easier. People are now no longer running behind, getting more and more clothes to run after trends. Easy and relaxed dresses are what have become the trend, and this could not be any better.

5. Footwear:

Clothes but footwear fashion have also changed over the year and have inclined towards more casual, similar to the transformed clothing trend. With no physical contact and official meetings over a year, no outings or dinner dates, formal shoes have remained locked in the shoe shelves for more than a year. Locking them up has caused people to forget about it and are less used to wearing them for events.

Sneakers, slippers, and sandals have become the new footwear fashion. They are super comfortable, easy to wear, and perfect for all occasions. They are easy to wear and within seconds, you are ready to go anywhere.

6. Tie-dye apparel and footwear:

The beginning of the pandemic was a difficult time for most people. The routine life of almost everyone was disrupted, and everyone was looking for activities to keep themselves busy at that difficult time. Tie-dye kits were a great rescue at those difficult times. It was a great activity for children and elders to spend valuable time together doing something productive and creative. This time spending activity has now become a fashion trend.

Tie-dye fashion has now become a fashion trend and is here to stay for long because of the great versatility and styling options it comes with. It has become a favourite for DIYers and a hot favourite for major brands, and many recent launches of big brands are based on this new fashion trend.


Fashion trends have transformed majorly over the pandemic years, and these new fashion trends are being loved by everyone and are going nowhere in the near future. The fashion trends have transformed from stylish and fancy-looking to comfortable and relaxed clothes that are comfortable to wear and carry.

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