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What is the Best Ducted Air Conditioner in Australia?
What is the Best Ducted Air Conditioner in Australia?
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Whether you are seeking to replace your old cooling and heating system or install a new one in your new home, a Ducted air con system is the ideal choice. It will prevent your home to feel like an oven in the summer and a freeze in the winter months. With so many options to choose from, how can you determine which ducted air conditioning system is best for your home?

What is a Ducted Air Conditioner?

As the name suggests, a ducted Air conditioning Sydney system works using a series of ducts that connect to an internal unit. This unit is installed under your home’s floor or into the roof. The ducts connect to each room in your home. The flow of cool air to each room can be controlled using zoning or individual controls. Certain ducted systems have the feature of reverse cycle units. They can both heat and cool your home.

Choosing the Best Ducted System

If you are looking for the best ducted air conditioner for your home, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

1. Cooling Capacity

You will have to determine the cooling capacity of the system based on various sub-factors related to your building. Ducted systems are available in capacities ranging from 10 kwh to 27 kwh. The sub-factors that come into play here are as follows:

  • The overall size of all the rooms that need to be cooled
  • The highest temperatures in your region during the warmest months of the year
  • Are there parts of your house that are shaded to keep the temperatures in control?

If the cooling capacity is too low, it will overload the system and create various issues.

2. Compliance Requirements

All Air conditioning Sydney systems are required to comply with the MEPS Guidelines. They refer to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards that have to be met by the system manufacturers. Adhering to these standards helps keep the cost of running the systems down. Such a system will not only help you meet the compliance requirements; it will also operate with high energy efficiency.

3. Noise Levels

While the cooling capacity of the system will address the comfort factor, you should also consider convenience. The best ducted system will keep the noise level to a minimum. You expect your air conditioner to work all year round. No one wants an air conditioning system that interferes with their sleep.

4. Maintenance Requirements

All air conditioners are machines and need maintenance at least once a year to run efficiently. Check the maintenance requirements and frequency of your Ducted air con Sydney system before making the right choice. Also check the type of maintenance it will require and how the cost is covered. The long-term cost of maintenance should be factored into the overall cost of ownership.

So, it is recommended to consider all these 4 factors when choosing the best ducted air conditioner in Australia. It should meet your cooling and heating needs, should be easy and affordable to maintain, should be silent, and must meet compliance requirements.

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